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Show the world who you are.

Together, your name and ours create a link greater than the sum of its parts.

Frequently asked questions

Who is for?

As the name suggests, it's for everyone, at least in the sense that usernames and profiles support all of the world's writing systems.

That said, it's somewhat exclusive given that numbers can't be added to usernames, meaning that there can only be one of each name.

Our target customers are primarily prosumers — people who care about their personal brand, like creators, professionals, influencers, and public figures.

Is there a free option?

As a premium service, we do not offer a free option.

This helps offset limited username availability, increasing the likelihood that links will be available to customers who will make good use of them.

At a time when conservative estimates put internet bot traffic at over fifty percent, this is especially relevant.

Why restrict usernames?

Consistent high quality is integral to our brand — the name is super prime online real estate, unrivalled in elegance and reach, so we ensure every link derived from it is pristine.

Can links be resold?

Links are non-transferable.

Reselling links is currently against our terms of service.

Please only register a link that you particularly want and will use.